Intveld on Butler: ‘Taking something beyond where it’s been before’

Lester Butler and 13 were supposed to play their first gig at the Dixie Belle Restaurant in Downey on June 27, 1998. Butler never made it, but a tribute show was held for him that night. (An article that day noted Smokey Hormel, Steven Hodges and John Bazz all playing.) The man who promoted the show, EdContinue reading “Intveld on Butler: ‘Taking something beyond where it’s been before’”

Catching up: Red Devils Pinkpop podcast; Lester Butler in OOR

Before we launch into a busy new year, here are a couple of quick items you might have missed toward the end of 2021.

Bukowski, drug busts and blues: Inside Lester Butler’s ‘lost year’ (1995)

In 1995, Lester Butler found himself picking up gigs and living with a “family” of bohemian creatives in Sherman Oaks. Rob Neighbors takes us inside.

Getty pics: Lester Butler in Europe 1993, 1997

There is a wealth of amazing photos in the Getty Images archives, including these pictures of Lester Butler. Pics from these gigs have been seen before, but these particular images don’t seem to be in wide circulation. From the Getty captions: The first two are from The Red Devils’ performance at the Paradiso in AmsterdamContinue reading “Getty pics: Lester Butler in Europe 1993, 1997”