Intveld on Butler: “Taking something beyond where it’s been before”

Lester Butler and 13 were supposed to play their first gig at the Dixie Belle Restaurant in Downey on June 27, 1998. Butler never made it, but a tribute show was held for him that night. (An article that day noted Smokey Hormel, Steven Hodges and John Bazz all playing). Here are the details by Theo DouglasContinue reading “Intveld on Butler: “Taking something beyond where it’s been before””

Blowin’ out reeds with Lester Butler

This is one of the more readily available interviews with Lester Butler, but we’re including it here anyway: Blowin’ out reeds with Lester Butler: Blues harp player/singer says the bad luck made him better By Fred Shuster, Los Angeles Daily News Music Writer March 28, 1997 Blues harpist Lester Butler says 13 is his luckyContinue reading “Blowin’ out reeds with Lester Butler”

13 on the road: Butler, Schultz, Goldberg, Intveld

Thanks as always to our pal Vince Jordan for providing great photos, including this picture of the touring version of 13, James Intveld, left, on drums, Lester Butler, bassist Mark Goldberg and guitarist Alex Schultz (photographer unknown), outside the Blue Cafe in Tahiti, probably 1997. This is just one of many different 13 live lineups,Continue reading “13 on the road: Butler, Schultz, Goldberg, Intveld”