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13 on the road: Butler, Schultz, Goldberg, Intveld

Posted in 13 with tags , , , , , , , on April 18, 2010 by J.J.

Thanks as always to our pal Vince Jordan for providing great photos, including this picture of the touring version of 13, James Intveld, left, on drums, Lester Butler, bassist Mark Goldberg and guitarist Alex Schultz (photographer unknown), outside the Blue Cafe in Tahiti, probably 1997.

This is just one of many different 13 live lineups, depending on date, location and circumstances. Hightone’s tour bio provides some clarity:

“Music is a hypnotic thing — it kind of puts you in this state and it just comes out,” confesses lead singer/harp man extraordinaire Lester Butler of Los Angeles-based 13, in attempting to describe the creative process that fuels the visceral, edgy sound of the band and its self-titled debut on HighTone Records. For the brand of blues that Lester and his mates are creating is not that by-the-book, note-for-note recreations of the usual cast of characters; but rather a living, breathing force of energy that effectively captures both the spirit and intent of what makes this music so special. And that’s the only way Butler knows how to do it.

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