Photos: Lester Butler, Bruce Willis and the Planet Hollywood band

From the original Lester Butler Tribute Site we present these great photos of Lester Butler, Bruce Willis and the Planet Hollywood band, courtesy of Michele Rotter, and published with permission by Jasper Heikens.

The first batch of photos are Planet Hollywood-related pictures, and likely from 1995, based on Lester’s lack of tattoos, as well as Willis’ beard. The Seoul, South Korea, Planet Hollywood opened in May 1995 (and closed not longer after, according to a 1997 New York Times story).

The final picture shows Lester and Michele on his birthday in 1995.

MORE: Rare photos of Bruce Willis, Mick Jagger, Kid Ramos and more with The Red Devils/Blue Shadows

Michele also provided to Jasper these two rarities: A photo with Rolling Stone Ron Wood from 1992 (above), and Lester’s all-access backstage pass from The Red Devils’ “Burn Up Europe 1991” tour (below).

Finally, presented here for what might be the first time, are four photos from Rotter that do not seem to have been published on the original Lester Butler Tribute Site. We don’t have information about these photos, other than we can see a couple of goofy Butler pics, as well as one of Hollywood Fats. Unfortunately, we do not have access to photos at a higher resolution.

If you know anything about these photos or the people therein, please let us know.


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