In 1996, a dedicated Lester Butler fan in The Netherlands created the first site about the harmonica player, his life and music.

Jasper Heikens’ site became the resource for Butler information in those early days of the internet. His email list connected fans and musicians from around the world, and his work was an inspiration for

When Jasper’s site went offline, we saw an opportunity to help out. We are proud to host the original Lester Butler Tribute Site here on


Major credits to those who helped me: Michele Rotter, John & Irene Williamson, Donnie Mortone, Robert Atskin, Rens Horn, Bas Brouwer, Ivan Lavery, Chris “Bulldog” Wobben, Eddie Clark, Big Pete v/d Pluym, John Ates, Ruud v/d Braber, Ben van Noordende, John Crooks, Wim Huybrechts, Mickboy, Hook Herrera, Paul “The Kid” Size, Alex Schultz, Meadors5, Terry Dumont, Tom Harold (T.H.), Richard W. Rinn, T-Ray, Rick Marsh, Scott Dirks, Garry Warren (Indiana), Virginia Tura, Pasi Rytkonen, Cynthia Brouwer, and Hannie. And all who I forgot to mention … thanks for helping me! – Jasper Heikens

Photography provided by: Alex Schultz, John & Irene Williamson, John Ates, Pieter v/d Pluym, Rens Horn, and  Robert Atskin. All photos used with permission by Jasper Heikens for / Forbidden to use or copy any images without permission!

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