Rare Red Devils fliers and backstage pass

Jasper Heikens collected early and rare Red Devils/13 fliers and souvenirs, and shared them on the Lester Butler Tribute Site. Here are some of those images.

Early ’80s Red Devils

The Red Devils began life in the early 1980s as a ferocious California rockabilly band whose classic lineup included Dave Lee and Jonny Ray Bartel, singer Emy Lee and drummer Scott Campbell. These fliers, likely from 1983, are two of the earliest available of the band that would become the Def American blues band The Red Devils.

This is one of the first Red Devils flyers. With the only known member: Dave Lee. Provided by Michele
The Hotrodders with the Fabulous Red Devils. Provided by Michele

The Red Devils and more

This is an old flyer of The James Harman Band, Hollywood Fats is the guitar player on the far right. The drummer is a young Steven Hodges, Lester’s drummer. Provided by Michele
The Red Devils backstage pass from the tour: Burn Up Europe ’93. Provided by Michele
Here’s an invite to a show that The Red Devils did at The Viper Room, the club that Johnny Dep owns, the same place where River Phoenix died. Provided by Michele
Bluesrock Tegelen in ’94 with The Red Devils.

More history on NoFightin.com

13 in Europe

Three fliers representing 13 featuring Lester Butler’s European festival appearances.

7th South Blues Festival in France on Friday the 29th. 13 ft. Lester Butler. Provided by Eddie Clark
BoogieTown Festival in Louvain La Neuve in Belgium. With 13 ft. Lester Butler as the 4th act. Provided by Eddie Clark
Ospel ’98 with 13 feat. L.B. as a main act on Saturday.

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