Photographer Bert Lek’s classic pictures of Lester Butler and Paul Size at Moulin 1993

Photographer Bert Lek shares his classic performance photos of Lester Butler and Paul Size during The Red Devils’ incendiary set at the 1993 Moulin Blues Festival.

Block in memoriam: Lester Butler

The introduction page of the April/May/June 1998 issue of Dutch blues magazine Block read, “Daarbij kwam het schokkende nieuws rond het overlijden van Lester Butler, een week na diens spirituele optreden in Ospel.” (“It came the shocking news about the death of Lester Butler, a week after his spiritual appearance in Ospel.”) The magazine pagesContinue reading “Block in memoriam: Lester Butler”

Red Devils Moulin ’93 review from Block

Dutch blues magazine Block was an early supporter of The Red Devils, continuing through the 13 years as well. This review of the the 1993 Moulin Blues Festival comes courtesy of Feelgood. We’ve done our best to do a translation of The Red Devils’ mention — if you have a better translation, put it inContinue reading “Red Devils Moulin ’93 review from Block”

Block magazine fills in 1993 calendar holes

Our good friend Feelgood has sent us a number of magazine clippings that help fill in some of the dates on the Red Devils timeline. Much of these come from the Agenda section of Block, a blues magazine based in The Netherlands. There are several clippings available, but we’ll start with 1993. The first twoContinue reading “Block magazine fills in 1993 calendar holes”