Red Devils Moulin ’93 review from Block

Dutch blues magazine Block was an early supporter of The Red Devils, continuing through the 13 years as well.

This review of the the 1993 Moulin Blues Festival comes courtesy of Feelgood. We’ve done our best to do a translation of The Red Devils’ mention — if you have a better translation, put it in the comments.

Also included: A Block ad for the festival.

Finally — I think — the only other act with a magnetic force field of over 100 km: the Red Devils (because: Mick Jagger!) with their busy and fat-accentuated party hardy clichéd blues. No trace of white and yet not heavy. The band consisted of five top strengths, though star parts were played by drummer Bill Bateman (Blasters) and never-stagnant singer/harper Lester Butler, one of the few to handle Muddy’s “Louisiana Blues.” Butler spontaneously fulfilled a request for one of the slow songs to a fan who was killed earlier that week, though hopefully no one outside of those involved had been in the painful mistake still in his ready-made text. No, of course there is a festival for people like us to get back to. And we were.

Published by J.J.

Drums and barbecue ribs. Blues music.

3 thoughts on “Red Devils Moulin ’93 review from Block

  1. is alex shultz playing the guitar solo
    on no fighting? at 3.38 i hear lester shout “shultz”
    then what sounds to me like a 335 gibson.
    the solo sure sounds like him.
    would anyone be surprised if it was him?
    twenty years later. i keep noticing new bits with every listen


  2. @Bobby, it may not be “Go!” as we heard it, but it’s definitely not “Schultz!” — unless Lester was seeing into his future.


    1. not sure of the “moulin” 93 but live at the king king
      that sounds like alex. first time i ‘saw ” lester
      he was sitting in with the mighty flyers.
      sunset pub sunset beach. live at the king king was recorded over five nights
      it is entirely plausible that alex sat in. did i mention,,. it sounds like
      his guitar playing!


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