Pics: 13 at Rhythm Room in Phoenix 1998

Thanks to photographer David Horwitz in Tucson, we have these great images of 13 from the Rhythm Room in Phoenix from early 1998 (we are thinking this was April 4, 1998). Horwitz does a great job documenting the blues scene under the imprint David Horwitz Blues Images. These photos of Lester Butler, Alex Schultz, EddieContinue reading “Pics: 13 at Rhythm Room in Phoenix 1998”

Outtakes from famous Lester Butler photo session

Photographer Rens Horn sheds light on how he captured an iconic image of Lester Butler. Based in The Netherlands, Horn shot Butler during his 1997 tour through Europe. The photographer has posted some outtakes, and explained to us how the elements came together, from concept to session: The pictures were taken in Rotterdam on Sept.Continue reading “Outtakes from famous Lester Butler photo session”