Over the next several weeks and months, we will add Red Devils and Lester Butler lyrics to The lyrics will be new transcriptions by We will use the original albums and sources for the transcriptions; we’ll consult other online lyrics databases for corroboration. All song credits appear as they did on the original albums.

If you have requests, changes or suggestions, please let us know.

The Red Devils, “King King” (Def American, 1992)
1. “Automatic”
2. “Goin’ To The Church”
3. “She’s Dangerous”
4. “I Wish You Would”
5. “Cross Your Heart”
6. “Tail Dragger”
7. “Devil Woman”
8. “No Fightin'”
9. “Mr. Highway Man”
10. “I’m Ready”
11. “Quarter To Twelve” (instrumental)
12. “Cut That Out”

13, “13 featuring Lester Butler” (Hightone, 1997)
1. “So Low Down”
2. “HNC”
3. “Sweet Tooth”
4. “Black Hearted Woman”
5. “Close To You”
6. “Smoke Stack Lightning”
7. “Pray For Me”
8. “So Mean To Me”
9. “Way Down South”
10. “Boogie Disease”
11. “Plague of Madness”
12. “Down In The Alley” (instrumental)
13. “Baby Please Don’t Go”

Pinkpop 1993
“I Was Wrong,” The Red Devils live at Pinkpop 1993. VIDEO
“The Backstreet Crawler” (“Time to Cry”) The Red Devils live at Pinkpop 1993. VIDEO
“She’s Dangerous” The Red Devils live at Pinkpop 1993. VIDEO

MTV Europe 1993
“She’s Dynamite,” The Red Devils live on MTV Europe. VIDEO

7 Responses to “Lyrics”

  1. Christoph Says:

    Hi folks,
    I looking for the lyrics to She’s Dangerous (Lester Butler – King King). I try to translate it but I’m german and I can understand some parts. Would it be possible to add the lyric?
    Thanks a lot
    kind regards


  2. Hi Christoph — We will be getting to that one as soon as we can. Thanks for visiting.

  3. hello I have no response but I vae a question, a freind of mine is searching for the lyrics of ‘Tearing my hair out’ of The Red Devils

    Is there a website where we could find all their lyrics ??

    thanks in advance


  4. Can you do So Low Down?

  5. Love Lester

  6. How bout posting some Harmonica tab

  7. Hi, is there anywhere or chance for the lyrics to “Blackwater Roll” tried everywhere without success ! Really want to cover this track-please

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