Chasing the Devils’ Tale: Tour dispatches from Europe (parts 1-7) is following The Red Devils on tour through Europe, whether they like it or not. Come here for our dispatches from every show as we go. Words and others by J.J. Perry; tour photography by Tina Hanagan ZZ ROOFTOP (Show 1: Stimmen Festival, Lorrach, Germany 21.7.17) I wrote about The Red Devils show earlier.Continue reading “Chasing the Devils’ Tale: Tour dispatches from Europe (parts 1-7)”

Red Devils launch social media channels 

Back in 1992, bands still sent out hardcopy press kits with black-and-white 8-by-10 band photos. There were no “event pages,” “likes and shares,” text alerts or even cellphones or the internet for most of us. Without a record label, marketing team or management, The Red Devils have been putting together their 2017 tour and promotionContinue reading “Red Devils launch social media channels “

Bluefunk, Borderline shows will close Red Devils tour

We are in the last week of Red Devils reunion shows, and everything winds down with two club dates. These will be can’t-miss shows for hardcore fans: Not only will the band be able to stretch out in longer sets, but they will certainly be amped up for their return to clubs. Besides, who knowsContinue reading “Bluefunk, Borderline shows will close Red Devils tour”

First look: “Return of The Red Devils”

When is a CD review not a CD review? When you don’t have a CD player on your European trip. That’s us with the new tour disc “Return of The Red Devils” (BPRDCD1-2017). We have the album, but nothing to play it on. That technicality won’t stop this first-look review from happening. The disc wasContinue reading “First look: “Return of The Red Devils””

25 years on, the Devils’ power remains

[words: J.J. Perry; all photographs by Tina Hanagan] An evening rain Friday cooled and soaked the thousands waiting in line for the Stimmen Festival in Lorrach, Germany. The crowd was patient under ponchos and umbrellas and canopies on Lorrach’s historic streets, waiting in line to get into the marketplace stage area. But we couldn’t helpContinue reading “25 years on, the Devils’ power remains”

#NowPlaying: “The Roots of The Red Devils”

UPDATED JULY 18 with Willie Nix number. The Red Devils’ backstory includes classic blues, arty punk and the best of California rock ‘n’ roll. presents this curated mix of “The Roots of The Red Devils.” Some of the songs will be obvious, and others are “in the spirit of” the original Red Devils. ListenContinue reading “#NowPlaying: “The Roots of The Red Devils””

Red Devils & ZZ Top fans: Welcome to

For ZZ Top fans and those just discovering The Red Devils for the first time, we’re glad you could make it to What took you so long? We’ve been here since 2009, cataloging the music and stories of The Red Devils and the late, great Lester Butler. Wander around and find rare music, videosContinue reading “Red Devils & ZZ Top fans: Welcome to”

Billy F. Gibbons touts The Red Devils on eve of tour

It’s getting real people. The Red Devils first show of 20 will be starting in just a few hours. Billy F. Gibbons has all the details on his site with the release “The Return of The Red Devils.” We are looking forward to getting out to shows later this month … keep watching NoFightin.comContinue reading “Billy F. Gibbons touts The Red Devils on eve of tour”