Red Devils launch social media channels 

Back in 1992, bands still sent out hardcopy press kits with black-and-white 8-by-10 band photos.

There were no “event pages,” “likes and shares,” text alerts or even cellphones or the internet for most of us.

Without a record label, marketing team or management, The Red Devils have been putting together their 2017 tour and promotion through their own social media and web presence under the brand “Red Devils Music,” ostensibly managed by Big Pete:

REDDEVILSMUSIC.COM: The band’s URL redirects to Big Pete’s own site, which has a lot of backstage stuff, tour dates and merch news.

@REDDEVILSMUSIC ON FACEBOOK: A key place for updates during this tour, and links to event pages. The page is already popular: At this writing it has 468 likes, compared to 510 members of the long-running Red Devils fan group on Facebook, created by Jean Baillargeon.

@REDDEVILSMUSIC ON INSTAGRAM: Pete and the band have been active on Instagram with pics, videos and tour promos.

Though The Red Devils don’t have a Twitter account, we have been using #ReturnOfTheRedDevils for many or our posts, and Big Pete and Mike Flanigin have individual Twitters.

How active any of these channels will be after next week remains to be seen. But we know there is an interest in this band: has been online and independent since 2009, and we came years after the important Jasper Heikens website and infamous email list.

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