Red Devils 1992 Def American press kit

def_american_onesheetNot knowing much about The Red Devils in 1992, the Def American press kit was pretty much the only source of info I had for the band. I got this press kit while working at the Indiana Daily Student, before the band came to play a gig at Jake’s Nightclub. I’ll write more about that experience later, but for now, let’s crack open the envelope:

The main piece in the kit was the Red Devils’ one-sheet, a pretty detailed bio of the band, with nods to Hollywood Fats, Junior Watson and more. This is still some required reading for Devils’ fans — it sort of fills in the mythological blanks, and pegs the trio of Lester Butler, Bill Bateman and Jonny Ray Bartel as the three founding members.


Also inside: A little two-sided press release with tour dates for the Devils’ first-ever national tour. This was before Pinkpop, and before Moulin Blues, both in 1993. However, the Bloomington, IN, date was changed.

variety_19921Finally, there is a little article from Variety Magazine, dated July 27, 1992. Not much new here, though it does give a release date for “King King” — Tuesday, July 28 — and reinforces the Rick Rubin-Devils storyline.

Now, there was an 8×10 photo of the band that came in the release, but that one went to my editor, who used it with the review I wrote of the show. And I really didn’t think I was going to need it for a blog I was going to write 17 years later!

The whole thing came conveniently wrapped in a Def American paper bag. Someone (not sure who) took the time to scribble “Red Devils,” so that it wouldn’t get lost.


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