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“Dangerous” at the King King 1992

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Another live video from the King King club on Nov. 30, 1992 … “She’s Dangerous”

Lyrics: “She’s Dangerous” at Pink Pop 1993

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Here’s a different take on the story “’bout a girl I know and my best friend.”

The live version of “She’s Dangerous” is an insistent rocker, much more aggressive than the stop-time swagger of the definitive “King King” version. In concert, Lester Butler plays with the lyrics, an ever-shifting narrative of who is catching who — and who is getting hit with a baseball bat. This Pink Pop 1993 version is such an example, although there are a couple of lines that we can’t make heads or tails of — then again, Butler probably couldn’t, either. (More after the jump …) Continue reading

“She’s Dangerous” lyrics

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“She’s Dangerous” (Willie Dixon), from “King King”

I got to tell you
When I get a chance
‘Bout a girl I know
And my best friend

He loved a woman
And put her down
Went talkin’ trash
All over town
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