Keys, Songs and Questions from “King King”

The standing joke about blues music is that to play it you only have to learn three chords and be able to play in a corresponding number of keys. At your average blues jam on a random night in Anywhere, USA, one would expect to run into a whole boatload of songs in E, AContinue reading “Keys, Songs and Questions from “King King””

Welcome to

For those coming to this site for the first time, welcome to We have been here since 2009, cataloging the short but stellar career of The Red Devils and Lester Butler. Wander around and find rare music, videos and reviews, and meet other fans — and some of the musicians who made the records weContinue reading “Welcome to”

Red Devils coming to Classic Rock magazine

More than 21 years after “King King,” The Red Devils are ready for international exposure again. UK journalist Paul Rees has taken on the Devils for an article for an upcoming edition of Classic Rock magazine. Just finished writing a piece on #thereddevils – great lost band, cautionary story. Check 'em out here: — PaulContinue reading “Red Devils coming to Classic Rock magazine”

‘King King’: There’s only one

I’ve been thinking a lot about “King King” the last few weeks, what makes it special in a way other albums — of any genre — rarely are. The success of The Red Devils and the “King King” album come down to three things, very simple but so elusive. It’s those five guys (plus one onContinue reading “‘King King’: There’s only one”

1992: Red Devils find the Size that fits

Very nice article from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram on the early days of Paul Size in the band. RED DEVILS FIND THE SIZE THAT FITS by Dave Ferman, Fort Worth Star-Telegram Sept. 11, 1992 Texas-born blues guitarist Paul Size readily will admit that he’s been real lucky so far in his musical career. Born in DallasContinue reading “1992: Red Devils find the Size that fits”

1998 Bolwerk, Sneek: Butler plays blues the way it should be

From our friend Feelgood comes this story about 13’s Jan. 30, 1998, gig at Bolwerk, videos of which are available on YouTube. Nothing groundbreaking here, but a fine read nonetheless. More accurate translations are appreciated. LESTER BUTLER PLAYS BLUES THE WAY IT SHOULD BE by Jacob Haagsma, Leeuwarder Courant Jan. 20, 1998 SNEEK — From PinkpopContinue reading “1998 Bolwerk, Sneek: Butler plays blues the way it should be”

‘King King’ released on 180 gram limited red vinyl

“King King” is getting the deluxe packaging treatment for its 20th anniversary after all, thanks to Dutch boutique label Music On Vinyl. This marks the first time The Red Devils’ “King King” has been released on vinyl and, apparently, Music On Vinyl is giving the record the reissue treatment it deserves. From Their onlyContinue reading “‘King King’ released on 180 gram limited red vinyl”

‘King King’ reissue coming Tuesday

According to several websites, “King King” is set for reissue this Tuesday, Jan. 31, by Universal Import. For instance, the U.S. website lists “King King” as an import at $29.50, with a Tuesday release date. We’ve not been able to find any information about this release. From our vantage point, it looks like aContinue reading “‘King King’ reissue coming Tuesday”