Jagger joins the Devils onstage

Here we present three photos from the original Lester Butler Tribute Site, courtesy of John Ates, featuring Mick Jagger joining The Red Devils (Lester Butler, Bill Bateman, Jonny Ray Bartel, Dave Lee Bartel and Paul Size) onstage, likely in 1992 or ’93.

These images were first published online by Jasper Heikens, with permission from Ates.

NoFightin.com has chosen to upscale the three photos, as well as flip one image that had been reversed when originally published. Unfortunately, we do not have access to the original photos or higher-resolution versions of these rare and exciting photos.

Again, thank you to John Ates for the use of these photos.

Update: The @kingkinghollywood on Instagram said these photos were not taken at the King King, as we first reported. This post is updated.

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