“Cross Your Heart” lyrics

“Cross Your Heart” (Sonny Boy Williamson), from “King King” When you cross your heart to someone You’re not supposed to, you’re not supposed to tell a lie You cross your heart to someone Little girl, you’re not supposed to, you’re not supposed to tell a lie If you say wrong or do wrong, baby, itContinue reading ““Cross Your Heart” lyrics”

Bootleg review live from Iowa, 1993

A bootleg of The Red Devils live at the Mississippi Blues Fest at Le Claire Park in Davenport, Iowa, July 2, 1993, is a solid capsule of the band on the summer festival circuit. It’s not an essential set by any means, and may be of interest only to the most hardcore of collectors. MostContinue reading “Bootleg review live from Iowa, 1993”

Remix Devils: Trip-hop experiment

On the hunt for more Red Devils info, stumbled onto the forum for The Gretsch Pages. There, member tidalwave_sideburns has uploaded a trip-hop blues track with vocal samples from Muddy Waters and Lester Butler from “King King” (can you pick which ones?). In addition, “Cross Your Heart” is used as a bluesy bed for theContinue reading “Remix Devils: Trip-hop experiment”