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Red Devils on MTV Europe

Posted in red devils with tags , , , , , on April 23, 2011 by J.J.

The Red Devils performing “She’s Dynamite” and “Time to Cry” (this time labeled as such on the lower third graphic) on MTV Europe. These videos have been floating around on VHS and torrent sites for years. It would make sense that they are from 1993, but we don’t have independent confirmation of that. When we get more info, we’ll post it here.

Lyrics: “The Backstreet Crawler” (“Time to Cry”) at Pinkpop 1993

Posted in red devils with tags , , , , , , on May 5, 2010 by J.J.

Alternately called “Time to Cry” or “Your Turn to Cry” by fans, this Red Devils boogie at Pinkpop 1993 is actually titled “The Backstreet Crawler” on its only official release on the “Blackwater Roll” EP.

The lyrics of the song are just as confusing as the title. The Pinkpop lyrics are different than the “Blackwater Roll” version are different than the “2 Meter Sessies” version. Basically, Lester Butler just sang whatever he felt at the moment, and the meaning of the song changes from performance to performance.

After careful consideration, looking at context and related lyrics, these are’s lyrics for “The Backstreet Crawler” as performed at Pinkpop 1993. We plan to transcribe the lyrics to other prominent versions of this tune in the future. (More after the jump …)

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