The Red Devils take over MTV Europe in 1993

In its 1993 year-end music video countdown, MTV celebrated classic clips from Aerosmith, Janet Jackson, Naughty By Nature, Spin Doctors and Dr. Dre (no relation).

Where would The Red Devils have ranked?

Though the band did not make any kind of official music video, that we know of, they were invited to the MTV Europe “Most Wanted” programme, hosted by Ray Cokes. In the comments, Frank Verstappe says Cokes confirmed the performance at Stonebridge Park Warehouse, London, on April 11, 1993. This would have been just days from The Red Devils’ jam with Mick Jagger in London (and note Lester Butler’s chipped front tooth, as seen on the Pinkpop video).

For whatever reason, the band took the opportunity to stiffly perform two songs that were not on the album they were promoting, “King King.” Either way, it is unlikely that loyal MTV Europe viewers heard any other blues shuffles or boogies like “She’s Dynamite” and “Time to Cry” (this time labeled as such on the lower third graphic).

It appears that Cokes often interviewed the artists who performed on “Most Wanted,” but The Red Devils videos that have been floating around on VHS and torrent sites for years only include the two performances? Do you have the full show? We’d love to hear from you!

I want my MTV!

Note: This was first posted on April 23, 2011, and updated Sept. 18, 2021.

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8 thoughts on “The Red Devils take over MTV Europe in 1993

  1. Just to create context here, I’ve been lstening to great music for over fifty years including all the big names in blues; most of the time nowadays it is the Chess/Checker roster that I listen to, you know, Little walter, Sonny Boy, Wolf, Muddy, Jimmy Rogers and others.

    I discovered the video of She’s Dynamite on YouTube and have watched it several times a day since: it is one of the best things I’ve ever heard and I ain’t lyin’….


  2. Thanks for your response automatic32 and you’re so right.

    I must emphasise that it is the band, the team, with their incredible commitment to each other and therefore the groove, their tightness, restraint and swing, that has made such an impression upon me.

    Add to that the tone of all of the individual elements (including the vocal of course) – and all are superb, even though Lester’s harp amp seems to be emitting a crackle here and there – and you have a damn masterpiece, nothing but!

    I wish they’d recorded She’s Dynamite but fortunately we have other examples of their state-of-the-art shuffles on King King.

    Take care


    1. One of the things I liked so much about this session was that they did this song, which was never recorded in studio for anything else, at least as far as I know. This is such a great version, always makes me think of how different it is from the Hollywood Fats Band recording. Both bands had a solid groove, though – solid, solid, solid. Great rhythm sections!


      1. Hello again automatic 32

        I just listened to the Hollywood Fats recording and as you know, it is their version of the Tampa Red song, which I first heard by B.B.King. I prefer it the way that B.B. plays it – as a boogie.

        The Red Devils’ She’s Dynamite is presumably a Lester Butler song as he sings and plays it as if he’s telling his story and loving every second of doing so! I love it just as much but the Hollywood Fats record – as much as I respect him, his memory and legacy – does not make me feel the same way. As the guys in my band, Borderline (we’re based on the Isle of Man right in the middle of the Irish Sea between England and ireland) know, I am very hard to please and equally hard on my own performance.

        Take care: I’m going to play Time To Cry and She’s Dynamite one more time then I’m going back to my Little Walter CD session…


  3. I have spoken with Ray Cokes, the host of this program of MTV. He told me this:

    MTV’s Most Wanted, Stonebridge Park Warehouse, London England. April 11th 1993


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