No Fightin’ is back again

After an extended, unanticipated hiatus, No Fightin’ is back. The past year has been much busier than I could have anticipated, with a lot of work and personal commitments that took away most every free hour not devoted to sleep. This blog was never intended to be a “blog” per se, with random daily posts.Continue reading “No Fightin’ is back again”

Lester Butler Tribute Band coverage & news will be attending the Lester Butler Tribute Band gig at the 22nd Annual Simi Valley Cajun Festival in Simi Valley, Calif., Memorial Day weekend, May 28 and 29. Also performing that weekend are Los Fabulocos with Kid Ramos, the Mannish Boys, Elvin Bishop, Kirk Fletcher, John Nemeth and a whole lot more. We’ll beContinue reading “Lester Butler Tribute Band coverage & news”