“Boogie Disease” lyrics

“Boogie Disease” (Dr. Isaiah Ross), from “13 featuring Lester Butler” Got to boogie for the doctor Got to boogie for the nurse Got to keep on boogie’n ’til they throw me in a hearse Got to boogie Got to boogie ‘Til the break of dawn Got to boogie in the alley Gonna boogie in theContinue reading ““Boogie Disease” lyrics”

Johnny Morgan on 13: “It was a hybrid”

The versions of “Sweet Tooth” and “Black Hearted Woman” that ended up on “13 featuring Lester Butler” were actually the demo tracks, featuring the propulsive drumming of Johnny Morgan. I spoke with Morgan back on May 29, 2011, at the Simi Valley Cajun and Blues Festival, minutes after he got off stage playing behind BigContinue reading “Johnny Morgan on 13: “It was a hybrid””

Itinerary outlines 1997 13 Europe tour

We’ve been going through thousands of photos, videos, posters, documents and ephemera given to No Fightin’ by drummer Eddie Clark. Much of it focuses on his time with 13 or his many years with William Clarke. Over the coming months, we’ll be posting more rare inventory from the Eddie Clark collection. First up: This faxedContinue reading “Itinerary outlines 1997 13 Europe tour”

13 reissue producer: “We want to carry on his legacy”

“13 featuring Lester Butler” reissue producer James Austin is obviously a big fan of the harmonica player. In a recent email Q&A with nofightin.com, Austin, vice president of A&R for RockBeat Records, talked about the project, his goals and his continuing amazement at Lester Butler. Q: How were you brought aboard this reissue project? WereContinue reading “13 reissue producer: “We want to carry on his legacy””

Review: Bonus tracks, new packaging highlight 13 reissue

“13 featuring Lester Butler” is available again. The reissue, out March 22 on RockBeat Records, features new art, new liner notes and three bonus tracks previously available only on bootleg. We are on record with our love of “13,” so the quality of the music is not in doubt on this reissue. Instead, let’s lookContinue reading “Review: Bonus tracks, new packaging highlight 13 reissue”

3 live bonus tracks on 13 reissue

The “13 featuring Lester Butler” reissue will include three live bonus cuts from the Tamines Festival in 1997. The tracklist for the disc, out March 22, was revealed today in a news release and e-mail exchange with RockBeat Records, a division of S’More Entertainment: 13 FEATURING LESTER BUTLER There are very few white blues bandsContinue reading “3 live bonus tracks on 13 reissue”

Hightone Announcement for New Signings, 1997

In light of the recent announcement that Lester Butler’s 13 album is being rereleased by RockBeat records, we here at Nofightin.com felt it was only appropriate to take a look back at the original debut. It was December 12th of 1996 when Hightone Records sent out info “for immediate release” on some new acts thatContinue reading “Hightone Announcement for New Signings, 1997”

“13 featuring Lester Butler” reissue due in March

Long out of print, “13 featuring Lester Butler” appears to be headed back to stores. Copies of the 1997 album, first issued on the now-defunct HighTone label, are scarce, and often sell for nearly $100 on eBay. Now, almost exactly 14 years after its debut, “13” looks like it’s being reissued through Rockbeat Records. ThereContinue reading ““13 featuring Lester Butler” reissue due in March”

Blowin’ out reeds with Lester Butler

This is one of the more readily available interviews with Lester Butler, but we’re including it here anyway: Blowin’ out reeds with Lester Butler: Blues harp player/singer says the bad luck made him better By Fred Shuster, Los Angeles Daily News Music Writer March 28, 1997 Blues harpist Lester Butler says 13 is his luckyContinue reading “Blowin’ out reeds with Lester Butler”

More Netherlands ticket stubs, 1993-97

We are continuing to sift through Feelgood’s fantastic collection of Red Devils and 13 memorabilia. He’s sent us a lot of great stuff to look at, including images of several ticket stubs, and the really cool handbill at right. It is from the Nov. 18, 1993, gig at Schaaf, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands. Appears that PaulContinue reading “More Netherlands ticket stubs, 1993-97”