“They didn’t play any songs from ‘King King’!”

Mike Mullahy in Wigan, England, cc’ed us on an email he sent to Paul Rees on the Classic Rock article. It would be great if Devils fans keep the conservation going in letters like this to Classic Rock. Just wanna say thanks to you (and Billy Gibbons!) for the great article on The Red DevilsContinue reading ““They didn’t play any songs from ‘King King’!””

Classic Rock: Fear and loathing in The Red Devils

From their amazing music to the devastating effects of drugs, The Red Devils’ story is told this month in a compelling piece by writer Paul Rees in the new issue of Classic Rock Magazine. Issue #195, with Queen on the cover, is out in the UK and in digital editions now. Rees has done aContinue reading “Classic Rock: Fear and loathing in The Red Devils”

Welcome to nofightin.com

For those coming to this site for the first time, welcome to nofightin.com. We have been here since 2009, cataloging the short but stellar career of The Red Devils and Lester Butler. Wander around and find rare music, videos and reviews, and meet other fans — and some of the musicians who made the records weContinue reading “Welcome to nofightin.com”