“Cross Your Heart” lyrics

“Cross Your Heart” (Sonny Boy Williamson), from “King King” When you cross your heart to someone You’re not supposed to, you’re not supposed to tell a lie You cross your heart to someone Little girl, you’re not supposed to, you’re not supposed to tell a lie If you say wrong or do wrong, baby, itContinue reading ““Cross Your Heart” lyrics”

Rubin bio gives hints of producer at work

Simply calling Rick Rubin a “producer” misses what has made him such an important modern musical figure: He has been a guru, shaman, caretaker, curator, therapist and friend for many artists, coaxing some to produce their greatest music ever. What he does simply cannot be reproduced. Using already-published interviews as a backbone, author Jake BrownContinue reading “Rubin bio gives hints of producer at work”

13 ticket stub, Tivoli, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Thanks to our great nofightin.com readers for turning us on to so many great photos and recordings in the last month or so. As we continue to collect more stuff, we’ll continue to share with you. Reader Harry sent us this concert ticket for 13 at the Tivoli, Utrecht, The Netherlands. The date is Sept.Continue reading “13 ticket stub, Tivoli, Utrecht, The Netherlands”

Devils celebrate New Year’s Eve

Hope everyone had a great New Year’s holiday this year. Seems a good time to look back on what the Red Devils were doing this week in year’s past: 1992: The Devils were among the stars in Aspen, according to the Jan. 6 Rocky Mountain News: (Don) Henley was spotted later that evening at ChinaContinue reading “Devils celebrate New Year’s Eve”