Tickets to The Garage, 1993

Picked up a concert ticket from The Red Devils’ gig at The Garage in London Dec. 1, 1993 from an eBay auction recently (No. 18, below right). At the same time, UK Devils fan Paul Brown e-mailed us his own ticket from that show — signed by every member of the band! (No. 27 at right)Continue reading “Tickets to The Garage, 1993”

13 ticket stub, Tivoli, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Thanks to our great readers for turning us on to so many great photos and recordings in the last month or so. As we continue to collect more stuff, we’ll continue to share with you. Reader Harry sent us this concert ticket for 13 at the Tivoli, Utrecht, The Netherlands. The date is Sept.Continue reading “13 ticket stub, Tivoli, Utrecht, The Netherlands”