Tickets to The Garage, 1993

Picked up a concert ticket from The Red Devils’ gig at The Garage in London Dec. 1, 1993 from an eBay auction recently (No. 18, below right). At the same time, UK Devils fan Paul Brown e-mailed us his own ticket from that show — signed by every member of the band! (No. 27 at right)

The eBay seller’s description said:

One of only a few available for this particular gig. Concert only sparcely (sic) attended due to poor advertising and poor knowledge on the public front about this stunning performer/band … RIP LESTER.BY THE WAY THE GIG WAS AWESOME,AND I TOOK MY DAD GOD REST HIM WHO WAS A HARMONICA PLAYER,AND HE WAS TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY !!!!! 

One thing to note: Paul Size had quit the band a few months earlier, so it was Zach Zunis on guitar for this stretch of shows, and represented in that autograph.

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