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Thanks to Jasper Heikens and Wang Dang Dula for some of the detective work on this discography.


The Red Devils, “King King” (Def American, 1992)

13 Featuring Lester Butler, “13 Featuring Lester Butler” (Hightone, 1997)

More Red Devils

“Blackwater Roll” EP (Def American/This Way Up, 1993)
“Automatic”/”Devil Woman” promo-only single (Def American/This Way Up, 1992)
Mick Jagger, “The Very Best of Mick Jagger” (Rhino, 2007). The Red Devils back Jagger on “Checkin’ Up on My Baby,” from the unreleased Jagger/Devils sessions from 1992.
Johnny Cash, “Unearthed” (American, 2003). The Red Devils and Johnny Cash perform “T for Texas” and “Devil’s Right Hand,” from unreleased recording sessions from 1993.
“Louisiana Blues,” song featured on the “Def American Recordings 1992 Preview” promo cassette, alongside Sir Mix-A-Lot, Slayer, The Jayhawks, and others.

Lester Butler, 13 & guest appearances

DVD: 13 Featuring Lester Butler, Live at Moulin Blues Ospel 1998 – Lester’s Legendary Last Gig (www.moulinblues.nl, 2008)

Billy Boy Arnold, “Back Where I Belong” (1993, Alligator)
Chris Thomas, “21st Century Blues” (1995, Private Music)
King Ernest, “King of Hearts” (1997, Evidence)

Plastilina Mosh, “Aquamosh” (1998, Capitol)
R.L. Burnside, “Come On In” (1998, Fat Possum)
Finis Tasby, “Jump Children!” (1998, Evidence)
Johnny Rivers, “Last Train to Memphis” (1998, Soul City)
Rancid, “Life Won’t Wait” (1998, Epitaph)
Jon Brown, “70 Years Coming” (1999, Acid Blues)


As best we can surmise, from our own research and conventional wisdom online:

Mick Jagger & The Red Devils, unreleased May 1992 sessions, available on several CDs:

  • “The Famous Blues Session” (Rabbit Records)
  • “Mean Ol’ World (The Remastered Blues Sessions)”
  • “Nature of My Game” (MECCA)
  • “Blues With A Feeling” (Wizardo Records)
  • “Wandering Blues” (JRD)

The Red Devils, “Allright!” (Star Spangled music). Tracks 1-4 from VPRO ’93, tracks 5-12 from Pinkpop ’93.

2 Responses to “Discography”

  1. Frank Verstappe Says:

    Yesterday I got the Allright-albam from a guy in England. I’ve been listening to it, and I have to come to the conclusion that song 9, 10, 11 and 12 are not from Pinkpop 1993. In the intro of Cross your heart Lester talks about ‘this evening’. Pinkpop was on a morning (I was there). In the last song (I wish you would) Lester talks about ‘this set’. Pinkpop didn’t have sets…it was just one set! Also the recordingsound changes between song 8 and 9. The first 4 songs are definatly from VPRO. Song 5, 6, 7 and 8 are from Pinkpop. But where are the last four songs recorded? I presume in Holland, cause I think that I hear some Dutch talking in the public. Anyone an idea?

  2. Frank Verstappe Says:

    About recordings with Mick Jagger. The Famous Blues Session etc is recorded in May 1992 or June 18th 1992 (see timeline)? Is it true that there are also live recordings of Red Devils and Mick?

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