Gorgeous Red Devils/Mick Jagger bootleg 45 appears

A mysterious Mick Jagger/Red Devils bootleg 45 that materialized this year has become an instant collector’s item thanks to its gorgeous packaging and its scarcity.

The two-song single features “Ain’t Your Business” on the A side and “Don’t Go No Further” on the B side, and is credited to “Mick Jagger and The Red Devils.”

There is nothing particularly outstanding about the two cuts, which have been widely (but unofficially) available for years.

Truly, the devil is in the details of this astounding piece of art:

  • The record is waxed on clear vinyl, at 6 inches — smaller than a traditional 7-inch single, bigger than a 5-inch CD. (It plays at 45 rpm.)
  • The single is limited to 30 copies, according to the sleeve. Each one comes with its unique number penciled in on the cover.
  • The label is “Drinkin’ Pig Records / Trade Mark of Quality,” a reference to the infamous bootleg label Trade Mark of Quality, which was most active in the late ’60s and 1970s. The original label’s hog label inspired many imitators, including this one. It’s a clever nod to
  • The set is packaged in an illustrated sleeve worthy of framing. The artwork — styled like the posters for juvenile delinquent rock and roll films of the 1950s — is packed with elements that make it hard to put down. Risque ladies, crafty devils, car crashes, booze, motorcycles, sin … it’s all here.
  • One thing the art does right is to visually make Jagger a member of The Red Devils.
  • The eBay listing calls this a rare vinyl single from Japan, though the shipping address is from The Netherlands. Can’t even trust a bootlegger anymore.
  • The Chinese writing on the sleeve is a particularly fantastic touch, given The Red Devils’ history at the King King, a former Chinese restaurant in Hollywood. (Can anyone help translate?)
  • Fantastic hyperbole: “Daring expose of the devil’s music. Two sides of snake crawling, rumblin and ramblin, red hot, smokin’ blues by The Red Devils.” (“Don’t you just love it when blues legends collide?”)

It’s unlikely that Mick Jagger will ever release the complete June 18, 1992, session with The Red Devils and producer Rick Rubin.

Amazing little packages like this one for “Ain’t Your Business”/”Don’t Go No Further” hint again at what we’re missing.

If you want your own copy, keep an eye on eBay … they keep popping up, one record at a time.

Images via eBay.

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