Lock, stock and The Red Devils smoking in Sweden

NoFightin.com reader Ari Hautala has helped us out with a nagging question: Did The Red Devils ever play in Sweden?

We assume they did, but now have a flier that helps clear up some of the mystery.

“I have a poster from Red Devils gig in Stockholm,” Hautala wrote. “I saw them in a club called Gino’s on Birger Jarlsgatan in Stockholm. They were on the same bill with Kathryn Tickell Band.”

The poster’s date says Nov. 10, and Hautala says the show was in 1993, a Wednesday, with Zach Zunis on guitar. The poster suggests a late-night “midnight” show.

A couple of things:

Finally, there is this photo, which puts some of the pieces together:

The usual suspects?

Jutta Härkönen shared with us this picture she took of The Red Devils from Kungsgatan, Sweden, with Jonny Ray Bartel surrendering. That’s Zunis fourth from the left. We were unable to learn any other details.

Kungsgatan (“King’s Street”) is a long route through central Stockholm that, today, represents a busy shopping district. The shopping continues on Birger Jarlsgatan, which intersects with Kungsgatan.

Gino Rock Club’s address? Birger Jarlsgatan 27, 111 45 Stockholm, just a couple blocks north from Kungsgatan.

As far as we can tell, Gino is no longer in operation, though it was the site for several live recordings, as well as its own label.

Hautala’s message said that he recalled a photo from the Swedish evening newspaper Expressen of the band, and maybe an interview. That would answer a lot of questions … if someone can get their hands on it!

The Red Devils on tour:

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