1993 tour contracts show work behind Holland tour

Note: This post was first published on Feb. 20, 2017, and updated May 2, 2021.

As the reunited Red Devils prepare to return to Europe for the first time in almost 25 years, a series of contracts, riders and correspondence show just how much work it took to get the band on the road in 1993.

The documents are primarily between concert promoters and booking agents for the band’s 14-date Nov. 14-29, 1993, tour of Holland (some details redacted by nofightin.com):


1. This document, from Sept. 10, 1993, details a proposed itinerary for the band for two weeks in Holland. Of interest are protential gigs that didn’t seem to materialize, such as on Nov. 16, 19 and 24.

2. The band’s tour rider, dated Oct. 9, 1993, breaks down what The Red Devils needed to stay on the road. Soundcheck, security, billing requirements and backline (the kind of gear the venues or promoters would provide for the band) were all outlined. If you wanted to know what amps the band was using, this document lays it out.

Most folks will be interested in the last page: What the band required in their dressing rooms. Nothing fancy — beer, soda, water, sandwiches. And a bottle of Jack and two packs of Winston 100s.


3. Who’s bunking with who? The rooming list:


“A slave” could be anybody. More on “Z Zunis” in a second …


4. On Oct. 4, 1993, the Devils’ European label, This Way Up, details the change in lineup: Zach (“Zachary Michael”) Zunis replaces Paul Size on this tour:

He has been playing live with the band for the last two months and has also played on the new single “Blackwater Roll” and will be on the new album set for release early next year.

Lots to unpack there. We know Size had dropped out of the band sometime in the summer, so the dates line up. There are well-known pics of Zunis playing with The Red Devils at the Paradiso in Amsterdam.

“Blackwater Roll” was recorded with Zunis on Sept. 6, 1993. The EP was released by This Way Up on Nov. 29, 1993, the same day as that Paradiso show.

The second album would never be released.


5. On Oct. 19, 1993, the band was finalizing hotel arrangements on the tour.

6. From Oct. 29, 1993, the band’s contracts for the November tour, summarizing some of the previous documents.

7. A document from Nov. 11, 1993 — three days before the first gig — tidies up some last-minute hotel needs. From Doug Smith at management group Doug Smith Associates:

The band will be staying in Amsterdam on the 12th and 13th … and I wonder if you could do us a favour and book them into the Museum Hotel at the same rate as you are getting it for on the 29th November. We are not having any luck in booking the hotel from here. We need 2 twins and 2 singles. …

With reference to the hotel on the 29th, the band have asked me if they can stay at the Marriot American for that night. The band are prepared to pay the difference between the Museum Hotel and the Marriot. …

Finally, with reference to the hotel you have booked for the band on the 17th, Euro Hotel. The record company would like the band to stay in Hilversam and have booked the hotel and are paying for it.


8. Finally, an undated fax that summarizes the tour dates — and the attendance numbers. It’s a bookend to that very first document, and the end of the tour.

Tally: 9 sell outs, 1 private party, 2 days off (although on the 17th, the band performed on VPRO radio), and about 8,500-plus total fans in attendance, give or take.

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3 thoughts on “1993 tour contracts show work behind Holland tour

  1. I visited their second gig in Eindhoven the Effenaar .
    Would like to know if their are photo’s from thst night.


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