Getty pics: Lester Butler in Europe 1993, 1997

There is a wealth of amazing photos in the Getty Images archives, including these pictures of Lester Butler. Pics from these gigs have been seen before, but these particular images don’t seem to be in wide circulation.

Embed from Getty Images

From the Getty captions:

  • The first two are from The Red Devils’ performance at the Paradiso in Amsterdam May 2, 1993.
  • The third pic is a portrait of Lester Butler in London, taken April 25, 1993.
  • The last two are from the Crossing Border Festival in the Hague, Sept. 12, 1997. The caption miscredits the band as “The Red Devils”; it would have been Butler’s 13 at this time.

Couple of interesting notes: We do not have a date for The Red Devils playing in London on April 25, 1993. Can anyone place the band in London that month?

The Crossing Border Festival was a multi-day event but, according to all available info, 13 played on Sept. 13, not Sept. 12 as captioned. Did the band do two sets, did Lester sit in with someone on the 12th, or is the caption wrong?

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