Zach Zunis on brush with Cash

Since our last post, we have been thinking about guitarist Zach Zunis. Like Mike Flanigin, Zunis could be a mere footnote in the Devils’ story despite filling a critical role in the band for several months. And let’s be clear: For some people, the Zach Zunis version of the band was the one they sawContinue reading “Zach Zunis on brush with Cash”

Getty pics: Lester Butler in Europe 1993, 1997

There is a wealth of amazing photos in the Getty Images archives, including these pictures of Lester Butler. Pics from these gigs have been seen before, but these particular images don’t seem to be in wide circulation. From the Getty captions: The first two are from The Red Devils’ performance at the Paradiso in AmsterdamContinue reading “Getty pics: Lester Butler in Europe 1993, 1997”

BREAKING: Red Devils reuniting for summer 2017 European tour

The rumors are true … In 2017, on the silver anniversary of “King King,” The Red Devils return to Europe, to the crowds that have kept their memory, spirit and music alive. Bill Bateman, Paul Size and Jonny Ray Bartel return with one-time Red Devils guitarist Mike Flanigin (Jimmie Vaughan, Billy Gibbons and the BFGs).Continue reading “BREAKING: Red Devils reuniting for summer 2017 European tour”

Kid Ramos tears it up in 1989 Blue Shadows videos

Back in December, Kid Ramos posted three very cool videos a version of The Blue Shadows from 1989 — Bill Bateman, Jonny Ray Bartel, Dave Lee Bartel, Lester Butler and, well, the first “Kid” on guitar. Well, videos of videos. Is this the earliest recording out there of the core of The Blue Shadows/Red Devils, beforeContinue reading “Kid Ramos tears it up in 1989 Blue Shadows videos”