No Fightin’ is back again

After an extended, unanticipated hiatus, No Fightin’ is back.

The past year has been much busier than I could have anticipated, with a lot of work and personal commitments that took away most every free hour not devoted to sleep.

This blog was never intended to be a “blog” per se, with random daily posts. Instead, we focused on deep cuts that we think are of interest to Red Devils fans and newcomers alike, with a back catalogue of info that is valuable anytime. It was nice to see people coming to the site and contacting us, even when we weren’t always available.

I can’t guarantee that you will see posts every week on here going forward, but we will do our best to post more frequently. But know that when we do post, it will be quality info that will always come back to keeping the flame burning for The Red Devils.

— J.J.

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Drums and barbecue ribs. Blues music.

5 thoughts on “No Fightin’ is back again

  1. Looking for more recordings….I play Lester Butler now every week on my radio show DEEP BLUES each Wed. evening…stream it WJSC 90.7 Johnson State College Vermont. Les


  2. Hey Les. I assume you are already playing “King King.” Be sure to get “13 featuring Lester Butler,” which was his record from several years later. After that it gets a little dicey, with guest appearances and bootlegs. Send me an email if you want details.


  3. Hey guys I’ve got a bootleg of Lester and The Red Devils playing at The Borderline London 1993 I think that’s the correct year? Anyway it’s a really good recording but I have had it blasting out of my van over the years but still playing good? I idolise lester and his harmonica playing and just loved The Devils n 13! Would not want this bootleg to fade away without some guys like youse keeping a recording of it? Assuming you don’t have it already? Only reason why I would think you’ve not got it? You posted a clip of a recording that you said you found and its on this bootleg? So I had already heard it? Anyway hope I can help? Jo


  4. Hello from Vermont.Thx for the info. I have KingKing and 13, play some each week….is the Tamines concert available on CD? So Mean to Me is the most powerful live cut ever heard………Alex Schultz playing off Lester..WOWEE! Les Deep Blues WJSC 90.7 Johnson Vermont


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