Outtakes from famous Lester Butler photo session

Photographer Rens Horn sheds light on how he captured an iconic image of Lester Butler. Based in The Netherlands, Horn shot Butler during his 1997 tour through Europe. The photographer has posted some outtakes, and explained to us how the elements came together, from concept to session: The pictures were taken in Rotterdam on Sept.Continue reading “Outtakes from famous Lester Butler photo session”

“Better Cut That Out” lyrics

While the closer “Better Cut That Out” is a favorite on the “King King” record, one question remains: Just what is Lester Butler singing? This song is a little rough — Butler sings the second verse twice — and even the album credits are confusing. On the first Def American pressings, the song is calledContinue reading ““Better Cut That Out” lyrics”

USA Today: “King King” raw, rootsy blues

A glowing “King King” review from USA Today’s Oct. 28, 1992, edition. Is this one of the earlier, mainstream notices of that album? RED DEVILS LIVE ALBUM BLASTS RAW, ROOTSY BLUES by Edna Gundersen USA Today Hellbent for blues, the red-hot Red Devils have cranked out the year’s most electrifying live album, a stunning debut.Continue reading “USA Today: “King King” raw, rootsy blues”