1993: Devils pitch an incendiary sound mix

This interview/show preview is entertaining as hell. It’s a crib-note version of the Devils’ history with some colorful imagery and not always on the accurate side (Honor Marine Band harmonica, anyone?). Enjoy this 1993 entry from the San Diego Union-Tribune. DEVILS PITCH AN INCENDIARY SOUND MIX By Robert J. Hawkins, Arts Writer Sept. 9, 1993Continue reading “1993: Devils pitch an incendiary sound mix”

Lyrics: “The Backstreet Crawler” (“Time to Cry”) at Pinkpop 1993

Alternately called “Time to Cry” or “Your Turn to Cry” by fans, this Red Devils boogie at Pinkpop 1993 is actually titled “The Backstreet Crawler” on its only official release on the “Blackwater Roll” EP. The lyrics of the song are just as confusing as the title. The Pinkpop lyrics are different than the “BlackwaterContinue reading “Lyrics: “The Backstreet Crawler” (“Time to Cry”) at Pinkpop 1993″