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1993: Devils pitch an incendiary sound mix

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This interview/show preview is entertaining as hell. It’s a crib-note version of the Devils’ history with some colorful imagery and not always on the accurate side (Honor Marine Band harmonica, anyone?). Enjoy this 1993 entry from the San Diego Union-Tribune.

By Robert J. Hawkins, Arts Writer
Sept. 9, 1993

Pulling a high-noon gig at Cal State Fullerton in the hot sun, dressed in black, sucking up heat and that acrid film that passes for oxygen near Los Angeles, Lester Butler is whipped but unbowed.

It is not like last year, when he and his heat-seeking blues band, the Red Devils (who perform at 7 and 10 p.m. tomorrow at Street Scene ’93), were flying on high-octane media fumes from their 14-song marathon session with Mick Jagger. And cutting their own debut with Def American bad boy Rick Rubin. And holding court at the King King Club on Monday nights and road-warrioring around the country.

No, it’s not like that.

For one, the album “King King,” named after the band’s home base (a club at Sixth and La Brea in Los Angeles), has come and gone, and even Butler is tired of most of the cuts. ” ‘Goin’ to the Church’ is still a fave,” he says of his own tune — a fresh engine sitting atop an old Canned Heat chassis. He likes a few more, but that’s last year’s news.

“We’ve got a whole new slew of material that we’ll get sick of in another year,” he says with a laugh.
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Lyrics: “The Backstreet Crawler” (“Time to Cry”) at Pinkpop 1993

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Alternately called “Time to Cry” or “Your Turn to Cry” by fans, this Red Devils boogie at Pinkpop 1993 is actually titled “The Backstreet Crawler” on its only official release on the “Blackwater Roll” EP.

The lyrics of the song are just as confusing as the title. The Pinkpop lyrics are different than the “Blackwater Roll” version are different than the “2 Meter Sessies” version. Basically, Lester Butler just sang whatever he felt at the moment, and the meaning of the song changes from performance to performance.

After careful consideration, looking at context and related lyrics, these are’s lyrics for “The Backstreet Crawler” as performed at Pinkpop 1993. We plan to transcribe the lyrics to other prominent versions of this tune in the future. (More after the jump …)

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