Doghouse Lords unleashed in California

Doghouse_Lords_picFor all your Bill Bateman needs, look no further than The Doghouse Lords, with dates next week in California. As an added bonus, it looks like Bateman and John Bazz are pulling double duty with The Blasters on a couple of these gigs.

Doghouse Lords guitarist Chopper Franklin (late of The Cramps) tells that tour dates and more can be found on the mutts’ new site

Aug. 5: Redwood Bar, L.A.
Aug. 6: Red Devil Lounge with The Blasters, San Francisco
Aug. 7: Thee Parkside — the “Doghouse Duo” in San Francisco
Aug. 8: 19 Broadway with The Blasters, Fairfax, California
Aug. 9: Redwood Bar — the “Doghouse Duo” in L.A.

If anyone hits these shows, give us your review on

And for those not familiar with the Lords, watch “Georgia Chain Gang:”

Chopper also sent along this little getting-to-know-you bio:

In the Fall of 2008, Javier “Jake” Matos (Blue Shadows), Scott “Chopper” Franklin (Cramps, Charley Horse), Bill “Buster” Bateman (Blasters, Red Devils) and John Bazz (Blasters) came together to record “Diggin’ at the Doghouse”. The songs infuse their histories of blues, rock n roll, country and rockabilly to create a unique mixture that makes for fine sippin’ of a Molotov cocktail. And with a band whose members have performed/recorded with Johnny Cash, Bo Diddley, Carl Perkins, the Fabulous Thunderbirds and Willie Dixon, that makes for some good drinkin’.

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