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For those who haven’t seen it on the righthand side of the page, is now on YouTube as nofightindotcom.

Right now, we’ve gathered some of the best Red Devils, 13 and Lester Butler clips in easy-to-use playlists, so you can hear things like Pinkpop all in one sitting (and in the right order). If we have time, we’ll try to upload some of our own personal videos, and collect up some other Devils-related music. And if any fans have videos they’d like us to upload to nofightindotcom, or found some vids we haven’t seen, please let us know.

You can find more about some of these videos here on, including reviews, background info and more.

“I was Wrong” Lyrics

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Contained in this post are the lyrics to the song credited incorrectly as “Who Do You Love” on the Pinkpop video footage. It has been unofficially renamed “I was Wrong,” taking its name from the phrase most often repeated in the chorus by Lester Butler. The lyrics are similar to and seem to have been lifted in part from the Magic Sam tune “You Were Wrong,” while the music sounds as if it was borrowed from a different Magic Sam song called “Backstroke.” At any rate, if you’re listening to the Pinkpop performance, these are the lyrics.

(extended guitar intro)

I’ve been wrong, baby, I been so wrong, baby
I been wrong, baby, I been so wrong, girl
I been wrong, I been wrong, I been wrong
Shouldn’t of stayed away too long

Kiss me, baby, momma hold me tight
Kiss me, baby, momma hold me tight
Can’t wait another minute
Can’t wait another night

(guitar solo)

Oh yeah, baby – I feel all right
Say yeah, baby, momma feels all right
Can’t wait another minute, won’t wait another night

(harp solo)

Doghouse Lords unleashed in California

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Doghouse_Lords_picFor all your Bill Bateman needs, look no further than The Doghouse Lords, with dates next week in California. As an added bonus, it looks like Bateman and John Bazz are pulling double duty with The Blasters on a couple of these gigs.

Doghouse Lords guitarist Chopper Franklin (late of The Cramps) tells that tour dates and more can be found on the mutts’ new site

Aug. 5: Redwood Bar, L.A.
Aug. 6: Red Devil Lounge with The Blasters, San Francisco
Aug. 7: Thee Parkside — the “Doghouse Duo” in San Francisco
Aug. 8: 19 Broadway with The Blasters, Fairfax, California
Aug. 9: Redwood Bar — the “Doghouse Duo” in L.A.

If anyone hits these shows, give us your review on

And for those not familiar with the Lords, watch “Georgia Chain Gang:”

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