Discography, stage 1

We’ve just uploaded the first bit of discography to nofightin.com. This comprises “official” recordings by The Red Devils, 13 and Lester Butler guest slots.

Most discographies on the Web focus on Butler and his work, of which the Red Devils was a part. Here, I’ve broken it down by the two main albums (“King King” and “13 Featuring Lester Butler”) that most everything else spins off from, plus official Red Devils and Lester Butler releases and guest spots. For Lester, this includes the recently released “Moulin 1998” DVD (which, in fact, contains some Red Devils from 1993). Soon, we’ll add bootlegs to the mix, as best we can, along with photos of the album and more details.

I’m hoping also to expand the discography to include little mini-reviews (especially good for the boots and guest spots) and tips on how to find some of these rare recordings, as well as more “related music” from some of the non-harp-playing members of the Red Devils.

This discography is based on those by Jasper Heikens and Wang Dang Dula, so check them out, too.

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Drums and barbecue ribs. Blues music.

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