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“I’m Ready” lyrics

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“I’m Ready” (lyrics: Willie Dixon; music: James Moore), from “King King”

I’m ready, ready as anybody can be
I’m ready, ready as anybody can be
I’m ready for you, I hope that you’re ready for me
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Blue Shadows 1991 on YouTube

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Great find on YouTube recently — vintage video of The Blue Shadows, the pre-Def American version of The Red Devils. The description, from user checker764, says:

Before signing with Def American Records and being given the name The Red Devils by producer Rick Rubin, Lester Butler’s band was known as The Blue Shadows. They were featured in a showcase for new bands at something called The Colvin Convention (?), an event for radio and record companies in Los Angeles in 1991. This clip is from that performance.

The videos offer a fascinating look at the Devils before hitting it “big.” Unfortunately, checker764 didn’t make the videos available for embedding, but here are the links to the two videos:
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