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“Automatic” / “Devil Woman” promo CD single

Posted in red devils with tags , , , , on January 26, 2009 by J.J.
"Automatic"/"Devil Woman" promo single

"Automatic"/"Devil Woman" promo CD single

Picked up a cool little item on eBay a month or so ago: a promo-only CD single for The Red Devils’ “Automatic” and “Devil Woman.” Though it only contains two songs that you should own by now, there are still several notable things about this little single:

THE TWO-SONG PAIRING. After having memorized just about every sound and pause on “King King,” it is cool to hear these two songs back-to-back, out of sequence from the album. The promo disc is nicely mixed, with no edits, so the “live” feel carries over between the two songs, as though they were next to each other in the set.
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