‘Footprints on the moon’: Paul Size looks back at The Red Devils

The Red Devils guitarist knows that the band he was in three decades ago will always be a part of his life. “There’s too many extraordinary things that went down that it’s not going to go away,” Paul Size tells nofightin.com.

Paul Size fuels solo debut with unearthed blues and old friends

He doesn’t sing. Plays a lot of rhythm guitar. Let’s the band shine. But Paul Size is in control on his debut solo CD and download, “Can’t Lose Playing The Blues.”

REVIEW: Paul Size tells it like it is on debut solo CD, ‘Can’t Lose Playing The Blues’

On his debut solo album, “Can’t Lose Playing The Blues,” Paul Size dishes out nearly an hour’s worth of diverse, rollicking music that stands as his word on the blues.

Paul Size solo album pre-order up + Bateman/Bartel streaming live tonight

Lots of Red Devils-related stuff going on this weekend. Let’s jump into it: ‘Can’t Lose Playing the Blues’ The debut solo album from Paul Size, “Can’t Lose Playing the Blues,” is available for pre-order now on Bandcamp. The digital album will be up on March 5; physical CDs will be shipped March 5. Both areContinue reading “Paul Size solo album pre-order up + Bateman/Bartel streaming live tonight”