“Black Hearted Woman” lyrics

“Black Hearted Woman” (Lester Butler), from “13 featuring Lester Butler” Well all right all right Black hearted woman Worst thing I’ve seen She stole my friend Lonnie Yeah, life should have been a dream Well all right all right (harp solo) Al right all right You walked through the fire You came back from theContinue reading ““Black Hearted Woman” lyrics”

Johnny Morgan on 13: “It was a hybrid”

The versions of “Sweet Tooth” and “Black Hearted Woman” that ended up on “13 featuring Lester Butler” were actually the demo tracks, featuring the propulsive drumming of Johnny Morgan. I spoke with Morgan back on May 29, 2011, at the Simi Valley Cajun and Blues Festival, minutes after he got off stage playing behind BigContinue reading “Johnny Morgan on 13: “It was a hybrid””