We have several audio clips on; we will compile them here, along with the links back to the original posts. Our goal isn’t to put all of The Red Devils or Lester Butler catalogs here for download. Rather, we upload interesting, relevant or representative audio to give a better perspective on the band and its legacy.

‘Louisiana Blues’

“Louisiana Blues” ( edit), from the Def American promo cassette 1992

MORE: ‘Louisiana Blues’ rare promo tape 1992

Allman Brothers tour 1992

“I’m Tryin’” from Richmond, Va., Sept. 1, 1992
“Who Do You Love?” from Charlotte, N.C., Sept. 4, 1992
Lester Butler stage banter compilation from Charlotte, N.C., Sept. 4, 1992

MORE: Opening for the Allmans in 1992

‘Blues in the Morning’

“Blues in the Morning” shuffle with Lester Butler, Mike Flanigin and Bill Bateman on KCRW’s “Morning Becomes Eclectic,” Dec. 7, 1992

MORE: Rowdy morning on KCRW 1992

2 Meter Sessies

Intro to The Red Devils’ 2 Meter Sessies May 3, 1993
“Commit a Crime” (labeled as “Louisiana Blues”), from the 2 Meter Sessies, May 3, 1993

MORE: Red Devils play essential set on ‘2 Meter Sessies’ (1993)

Davenport, Iowa, 1993

“Cross Your Heart”/”Pray For Me” from Davenport, Iowa, July 2, 1993

MORE: Bootleg review live from Iowa, 1993

Snake Snake, 1997

Snake Snake, “Shake ‘Em On Down” sample, Blue Cafe, Aug. 13, 1997 (1:18)

MORE: The legend of the Kid Ramos/Lester Butler ‘hard-edge blues unit’ Snake Snake

Mountain Stage, 1992

“Blackwater Roll” on “Mountain Stage,” Oct. 4, 1992
“She’s Dangerous” on “Mountain Stage,” Oct. 4, 1992

MORE: Red Devils climb ‘Mountain Stage’ for live radio show (1992)

‘Plague of Madness’ demo

“Frenzy”/”Plague of Madness” demo, 13 featuring Lester Butler

MORE: From Screamin’ Jay to Icepick James to 13 … the birth of a ‘Plague’

Detroit encore, 1992

“Okie Dokie Stomp,” “Sweet Little Angel” and “Cut That Out” (21:20)

MORE: Rainy Detroit night 1992, club date + 3 rare cuts

‘Boogie at Midnight,’ Madrid, 1997

“Boogie at Midnight,” 13 live at Chesterfield Cafe, Madrid, Oct. 4, 1997

MORE: Butler & 13 jump at Chesterfield Cafe Madrid

2 thoughts on “Audio

  1. the site.i know nothing about downloading .anyone out
    there that sells boots.i would love to get a good video compilation
    and some cds….


  2. Hello, I recall sending to Jasper a 100 minute cassette tape of 13 playing in Madrid at the Chesterfield Cafe. Also, JJ, you have all my video footage on the mini-DV tapes of 13 that I sent to you.


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