Red Devils July 4 flier shows off American muscle

Jonny Ray Bartel shared this cool flier with, promoting a July 4, 1992, Red Devils gig at the King King.

“Found this while moving. Made it completely with photocopies, X-Acto knives and 3M Spraymount,” Bartel said in a text message. “I was into Mopars long before they made their big Hellcat comeback …”

Let’s look into the details of this flier.

  • We get a new image of The Red Devils. Based on the timing and the wardrobe, it is likely from the same promo shoot where we got most of the band’s pictures:
  •’s resident Car Editor Tom Harold says this about the Devils’ ride in the flier: “That’s a 1970 Hemi ‘Cuda. That’s a really powerful, awesome, desirable and valuable car. It’s a fucking legend, for real.” He estimates that the car goes for $150,000 on the low end, “up to maybe $750K or more for a low-mileage one.”

More: Fliers and posters, 1988-98

  • Jonny Ray describes a very old-school method to flier-making. See, kids, before there was Photoshop there were X-Acto knives, glue, poster boards and Xerox copiers (not to mention creativity and a lot of patience). A DIY flier like this took time and energy to make.
  • Speaking of old school, that is the “original” band-made Red Devils logo used by the pre-King King rockabilly edition of the Devils. After signing to Def American, much of the promo work used the album logo:

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