Red Devils, Thelonious Monster close Jack’s Sugar Shack

Here is a very cool poster by Psychic Sparkplug for a one-of-a-kind Red Devils gig.

It’s for the closing of the original Jack’s Sugar Shack in L.A., a frequent venue for the Devils in the early ’90s. This show, from Oct. 15, 1994, put the boys on a bill with their California peers Thelonious Monster and Sister Double Happiness (with The Red Hot Chili Peppers rumored to cameo as well).

We first stumbled into this poster in 2009 on Unfortunately, it appears that the site has gone from a collection of trippy concert posters to a “how to decorate your house” web store. That’s too bad, though at the time we could not find any other Devils posters there. There were no 13 posters except for a gig for Sleazefest, which didn’t look like Lester Butler’s 13. However, The Blasters were well-represented on the site at the time.

Psychic Spark Plug poster

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The Oct. 15, 1994, edition of the Long Beach Press-Telegram, and Tim Grobaty’s “What’s Hot” column offered more details about the show and the club:

The Jacks facts

Imagine our horror when we turn up at one of our favorite haunts on Sunday and find out it’s closed. In case you haven’t heard the awful truth yet, Jacks Sugar Shack, the Tiki-style beer barn and entertainment hall at 8751 W. Pico in L.A., closes tonight thanks to the fact that the building’s owners are selling the property, which will turn into a Chinese restaurant, of which the world, we’d thought, already had enough (although an hour later, yaddayadda….).

While Jacks’ll never have a building as cool as that one, it will, at least, live on in a new location, the old Brown Derby building at 1707 N. Vine, in Hollywood, with an opening set for mid-December.

Meanwhile, the closing bash at Jacks starts at 8 tonight, with a slate of L.A. greats, including Thelonious Monster, Sister Double Happiness, the Red Devils and special guests which could include, according to our secret sauces, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, as openers. Jacks would neither confirm nor deny, but they did some good hemming and hawing. The cover is $10. Call (310) 271-7887.

Editor’s note: A version of this story was first published on May 8, 2009.


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4 thoughts on “Red Devils, Thelonious Monster close Jack’s Sugar Shack

  1. I found a silk screened poster. It’s for a show at Jacks Sugarshack featuring Thelonious Monster, Sister Double Happiness and Red Devils. Awesome artwork! I can’t make out the signature, but it’s numbered 165/666. Anybody know any thing about it or the artist? I can send a pic. Thanks!


  2. I have this poster! 165/666. I was looking for info about the gig. It looks like you think it’s mid 90’s. I just hadn’t searched under Red Devils yet. WOW!


  3. Thanks for the feedback Eric!

    I found this poster just searching around. If I was going to guess, I’d think this gig was 1993-94, in there somewhere.

    Don’t know much else, other than it’s a cool poster! Did you see that show?


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