Listen: Red Devils climb ‘Mountain Stage’ for live radio show (1992)

Note: This story was originally published Oct. 18, 2015.

At the height of their powers, The Red Devils were heard live on the popular “Mountain Stage” radio program on Oct. 4, 1992, along with Leo Kottke, John Cale and Juliana Hatfield.

The recording captures the Devils between their opening stint on tour for Los Lobos and their first U.S. headlining club tour dates. In fact, it would be just about a week later that we would see the Devils at the old Jake’s nightclub in Bloomington, Ind.

Like so many other radio programs, “Mountain Stage” is often bootlegged and passed around, and The Red Devils’ set is no exception. The bootleg itself is short, with just four tunes and radio chatter. But, it is crystal-clear audio and a nice touchstone for the band during this time.

All four songs are available here on No Fightin’, including two courtesy of Dominik Ablamowicz on YouTube.

“Blackwater Roll” on “Mountain Stage,” Oct. 4, 1992
“She’s Dangerous” on “Mountain Stage,” Oct. 4, 1992

Of note: Presenter Larry Groce mixes up the Bartel boys, announcing Jonny Ray on guitar and Dave Lee on bass. Not only that, but it was Mike Flanigin holding down rhythm guitar duties for Dave Lee Bartel, as Flanigin himself notes in the post comments. Flanigin was on tour with the band during this time. And, well, Lester Butler does yell “Mikey!” at one point.

(He also tells a great story about mixing up the Velvet Underground’s John Cale with “Call Me The Breeze” J.J. Cale.)

We are looking for more info on this show. Were you in the audience? Did you tape it when it aired? Speak up now!

Also missing is a rumored NPR radio show, hosted by Ruth Brown and featuring the Devils. We’ve never heard it, and would love to.

“Mountain Stage” setlist, Oct. 4, 1992

  1. Intro/”Have a Good Time”
  2. “Blackwater Roll” (early version, a la “Scratch My Back”)
  3. “She’s Dangerous”
  4. “Shake Your Hips”
  5. Band intros

More Devils on the radio

Rowdy morning on KCRW + 1 new song, 1992

2 Meter Sessies — Red Devils live 1993

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3 thoughts on “Listen: Red Devils climb ‘Mountain Stage’ for live radio show (1992)

  1. Yes, this is me playing guitar. I remember this gig well. At one point before the show, I was sitting with John Cale…who I thought was JJ Cale…and told him I liked his song ‘Cocaine’. Ha. True story.


  2. Hi, Yes I taped it off WXPN in Philly when originally broadcast in 1992.
    I also have almost 100 shows of Blues Stage from NPR and Ruth Brown was the host.
    That show was broadcast starting in 1989 and ran about 3 or 4 years.


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