The Red Devils return with first new album in 25 years

Moments ago, Mike Flanigin on Instagram posted a pic of “Return of The Red Devils,” the band’s first album since their debut “King King” 25 years ago. (Skipping the 1994 “Blackwater Roll” EP.)

The post confirms what has heard over the past several weeks: That the band would have a new disc for sale at its July shows based on its first gigs in The Netherlands in June.

Big Pete has posted some smaller pics of the disc, and related merch: a new T-shirt and poster for those who see The Red Devils in July.

Our understanding is that this is not a new studio album, but a compilation of the band’s June 2 and 3 performances, with most tracks coming from June 3.

Those shows would be Fluor in Amersfoort (June 2) and Muziekcentrum De Bosuil, Weert (June 3).

What we are hearing is that there are no cuts from the band’s June 4 Ribs and Blues Festival performance, though the full show can now be seen on YouTube.

Unfortunately, the pics on Big Pete’s site are not large enough to read the track listing. It looks like 12 or 13 songs and, based on what we know were played at those gigs, maybe we can expect “I Was Wrong,” “Who Do You Love?” and other “new” tracks.

The cover features the new Red Devils official promotion image by Andre Dieterman. It is from a photo shoot June 2, just before the band’s first gig.

Hot take: I really like the look of this disc. Great new band pic, with a pretty hip new logo. It doesn’t look homemade, like a lot of quick-rush discs. I love that resembles “King King,” but in a fresh way. I can’t wait to see how the spine looks in my CD case next to “King King”!

We will keep watching to see if “Return of The Red Devils” shows up on iTunes, Spotify or any other streaming services, and will let you know. And if you end up with the record, put your review in the comments.

(Side note: For those keeping score, this is the second “return of” Paul Size and Mike Flanigin …)

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3 thoughts on “The Red Devils return with first new album in 25 years

    1. Hi Phil the band isn’t on this site! The best thing to do right now is go to a show if you can. Otherwise watch Big Pete’s website. — J.J.


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