“King King” 24/7

Since 1992, I have kept a copy of “King King” somewhere near me at all times.

IMG_0453For a long while, I had several burned CDs of “King King” that were left in various cars and desks in my life.

If I bought a spare copy of the record, I might buy two, to give it away as a gift or for “just in case” — before digital downloads, I was sure the disc would go out of print and I would never be able to get it again!

Now, I can call up the rarest Red Devils or coolest bootlegs with just a couple of swipes on my iPhone.IMG_0454IMG_0862

From satellite radio and Spotify to a cassette found on eBay to the fantastic limited edition 20th anniversary 180 gram red vinyl edition, “King King” is a must-have never more than a few feet away.IMG_9970

How do you listen to “King King”? What format is preferred? Where is your prime listening space? Let us know in the comments.

Published by J.J.

Drums and barbecue ribs. Blues music.

5 thoughts on ““King King” 24/7

  1. Looking for CDs of any Lester not on King King or 13 to play on my Deep Blues show WJSC 90.7 at Johnson State College Vermont. My show is 8 to 11 pm every Wed. and can be streamed.

    Thanks, Les


  2. The cd is blasting out of my stereo at this moment. The cd is preferable if you need a quick shot of Red Devils 🙂 I also have the limited edition red vinyl which I play less often to keep it from being scratched somehow. Still: it’s the music that still gets me everything, no matter which format you listen to it!


    1. Hello Patrick,

      At max volume “so mean to me LIVE” is my eye opener. Besides Lester, if there is a better guitar solo anywhere in the Universe I have not heard it….Mr. Schultz, as they say, NAILS IT!

      Les in Northern Vermont


  3. I have the same CD I bought in the late 90’s but I mainly listen in my car through my iPod. Can’t go more than a couple of days without a fix of the Red Devils. I’m 57 now I’m still exited about going to see them thus Saturday in Cheshire about 10 miles from my home!!


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