2-in-1 Devils promo swag


Oddest piece of memorabilia? A Red Devils bottle opener/keychain combo. I picked this one up on eBay recently. I could not find any information about this keychain, which might either be a long-forgotten promo item or a one-off ordered by a fan from some marketing company.

I’ve reached out to folks who might know. If I hear something, you will, too. Or, if you know the backstory on this tchotchke, let us know in the comments.

UPDATE: Annika Bärlund says this is authentic Red Devils merch. “The bottle opener/key chain is the real deal. They were around sometime in 1992-1993. .. I was on tour with the R.D in Europe in 1993 and sold their t-shirts, tapes and 45s and other stuff in venues. Part of the tour was opening for Johnny Winter, so I got to sell his merchandize too. That was pretty cool!”

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