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Lyrics: She’s Dynamite from European MTV performance

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These are the lyrics to “She’s Dynamite” as performed by the Red Devils in Europe for MTV’s Most Wanted in 1993. The date of the performance as far as can be determined at this point was April 11, 1993. Two songs were aired, “She’s Dynamite” and “Your Time to Cry” in that order. The video for both performances can be found in this post. The lyrics as they are presented below are the closest possible rendering of the words as sung by Lester on this date. Lyrics for “Your Time to Cry” are forthcoming in another post.

She’s Dynamite

I met a lot of women, livin’ in the city,
Nothin’ like [unintelligible], she’s all right
She’s dynamite, yeah
All right, all right
My baby’s so fine, call her dynamite
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Lester Butler remembered at Simi Valley Cajun & Blues festival

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For one afternoon only, Lester Butler was back on stage.

A portrait of Butler — blowing harp, arms covered in tats — by artist Theo Reijnders rested on an easel stage left May 29 at the 22nd Annual Simi Valley Cajun & Blues Music Festival for a performance by Big Pete and his Lester Butler Tribute Band.

It was the American coming out party for Pieter “Big Pete” van der Pluijm, and he was tapped to pay tribute to his primary inspiration, as he has done numerous times in Europe. It was clear there was anticipation to see this big blond kid from Holland everyone had heard so much about — the area in front of the stage was filled with musicians, Lester’s friends and family and serious music lovers.

Big Pete

Alex Schultz

Johnny Morgan

[All photography by Tina Hanagan]

As Delta Groove CEO and Butler friend Randy Chortkoff said when he introduced Big Pete, “When I close my eyes, I hear Lester Butler.”

Pete and his band — 13 veterans Alex Schultz on guitar and Johnny Morgan on drums, along with Willie J. Campbell (replacing Rick Reed) on bass — used Butler’s music as a jump-off point to showcase their own incredible talents, performing a series of songs and grooves unlike anything else heard all weekend. That the music sounded as fresh Sunday as it did 14 years ago is testament to Butler’s foresight.

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