Hard-to-find Devils & 13 T-shirts

There is no better way to show your devotion to a band than a concert T-shirt. Unfortunately, there are very few options for The Red Devils or 13; when we saw 13 on tour in the Midwest in 1997, they really had no merch to speak of (and unfortunately, the Devils’ 1992 tour is something of a blur almost two decades later). Nofightin.com reader Feelgood sent us some images of the handful of tees out there.

Above left is a fan tribute shirt that Jasper Heikens says is by Chris Wobben; above right is the Red Devils’ Planet Hollywood-style tee, which Feelgood said he bought when he saw the Devils on Nov. 18, 1993, at Zalen Schaaf, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands; below left and right is the front, sleeve and backside of the 13 T-shirt, with damn slick tattoo-style artwork, purchased Jan. 30, 1998, near Feelgood’s hometown, Het Bolwerk, Sneek, The Netherlands: “I bought here the 13 T shirt, Lester was after the show present on the stand with T shirts and Cd’s for a chat and a autograph.”

Jasper Heikens has more T-shirt images and info on the Lester Butler tribute page.

5 Responses to “Hard-to-find Devils & 13 T-shirts”

  1. Rick Davis Says:

    I need to find an XL Lester Butler shirt.

  2. @Rick: Lester’s sister, Ginny Tura, had some at the Simi Valley Cajun and Blues Fest last year. She is probably the person to contact. Let me know in PM if you need help.

  3. Are there stil Red Devils or lester butler t shirts for sale?I want 1 m !

  4. Yes indeed need to find a shirt xl!!! where oh where??

  5. suoiciv amir Says:

    hi i have the red devils
    can add my facebook to see vtg the red devils shirt suoiciv amir

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